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(1月4日) 郝宁研究员学术报告

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报告题目:Domain Wall Bound Majorana Mode in Fe(Te,Se)

报 告 人:郝宁 研究员,中国科学院合肥物质科学研究院

报告时间:202214日(周二)  14:30-15:30


邀请人:张平 教授

报告摘要:Recent experiment reported the evidence of dispersing one-dimensional Majorana mode trapped by the crystalline domain walls in Fe(Te,Se). Here, we perform the first-principles calculations to show that iron atoms in the domain wall spontaneously form the ferromagnetic order in line with orientation of the wall. The ferromagnetism can impose a π phase difference between the domain wall separated surface superconducting regimes under the appropriate width and magnetization of the wall. Accordingly, the topological surface superconducting state of Fe(Te,Se) can give rise to one-dimensional Majorana modes trapped by the wall. More interestingly, we further propose a surface junction in the form of Fe(Te,Se)/ferromagnet/Fe(Te,Se), which can be adopted to create and fuse the Majorana zero modes through controlling the width or magnetization of the interior ferromagnetic barrier. The braiding and readout of Majorana zero modes can be realized by the designed device. Such surface junction has the potential application in the superconducting topological quantum computation.

专家简介:郝 宁,中国科学院合肥物质科学研究院,强磁场科学中心研究员,中国科学技术大学博士生导师;2006年本科毕业于山东大学;2011年博士毕业于中科院物理所;2011年到2016年在美国和香港做研究;2016年获中科院百人计划支持加入强磁场中心;2020年获国家优秀青年基金。研究领域主要包括: 强关联和高温超导体系基本理论; 拓扑物态的理论与计算,目前在Phys. Rev. Lett./X/A/B, Nat. Comm.等学术期刊发表论文40多篇。

(文:郑萌萌 审核:刘广强)


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